First Movements

Summary: Sheena feelings her babies move for the first time and shares it with Lloyd.

Genre: Family

First Movements

It is another bright morning in the Irving household as a young woman hurried to change into her daily clothing.  Sheena and her husband planned to spend time with a friend for the day, however she woke up late due to her current physical condition.  The young woman is barely clothed in her nighttime attire as she looked herself over on the bedroom mirror to see her changing body.  Her attention immediately went to the rounding bulge of her stomach where two new lives are starting to grow and develop.

“Augh!  It feels like I’m becoming chubbier by the minute,” the summoner thought out loud as she arched her back while her hand made circles on her growing round abdomen.  “By the time I reach my fourth month I’ll barely be able to see my own two feet.  And the weight that I’m getting from these two growing rascals!  Ugh!  My back is killing me!  As if finding out that I’m eating for three isn’t bad enough!  I swear that they get their huge appetites from Lloyd!”

Just as she was about to lift her gown over her head to change, the young woman felt throbbing coming from her lower belly.  Sheena, now clad in only her undergarments, moved both hands on her bulging middle to try to feel for the source of the sensation.  “Come on, my little angels.  Move again for mommy,” she spoke quietly to her unborn children while surprising herself at using such a motherly tone.

The former ninja did not ponder about it further as she once again feel her unborn babies move gently within her.  Her eyes began to brim with joyful tears as the dark haired female continues to feel her rounding stomach that is beating with movement.  Sheena was so absorbed by the kicks of the twins that she nearly jumped at hearing the voice of her husband calling to her through the door, “Sheena are you alright in there?  I’ve been waiting fifteen minutes for you to get ready.  Are you feeling okay?”

“I-I’m fine, Lloyd.  J-Just…feeling something wonderful,” the young woman respond to her love in a warm maternal tone as she continue to move her hands on her belly before noticing that she is barely clothed.  “Um…J-Just give me a minute to change, Lloyd.  I’ll let you know once I’m done changing.”

“Uh, alright, Sheena.  I’ll be waiting out here when you’re ready.”

After hearing Lloyd’s reluctant reply, Sheena focused all her attention to getting on her maternal clothing to wear for the rest of the day.  A few minutes later, she is now in a looser and modified version of her normal traveling outfit while still sporting her own hairstyle.  The dark haired woman walked over to the door and found the concerned face of the duel blade master looking at her.  “Hey, are you doing alright, Sheenie?  Are you in pain?  Are the babies doing okay?”

The pregnant summoner nearly chuckled at Lloyd’s adorably worried expression as she saw him eyeing her hands on her growing bulge.  “Relax, Lloyd.  I’m not in pain or anything b-bad like that and the babies are just fine.  Wh-What I’m feeling in me is just so…wonderful.”

The former ninja rolled her eyes at the male brunette looking at her with his confused and blank look.  Sheena took one of his hands and placed it on her bulge to the throbbing area.  She gave her husband a look that urges him to stay put for a few moments.  The young woman giggled in delight as she saw her love’s eyes widen in surprise feeling their young tickle and kick her insides.

“Sh-Sheena!  Are the twins…?” is what she heard from the red clad swordsman as she nodded with a teary smile on her face.

“Yeah, Lloyd.  They’re really moving and glad that their daddy is here too,” the dark haired woman said while feeling warmth gushing on her cheeks, her smile never wavering.  “I can’t believe that they’re only six more months away from being born and already these tikes are starting to play and kick around.  Makes me think that getting knocked up by you wasn’t a total mistake after all.”

“H-H-Hey!  It’s not as if I was forcing you to go along with it!  You were turned on as much as I had been, Sheena!” she heard Lloyd responding as she saw him turning his flustered face away from her but keeping his hand on her belly.  “Though I’ll be honest that I wasn’t really myself for when we….expressed ourselves back then.”

Sheena blushed at her love’s choice of words right before wincing a bit as she felt a sharp pain going over her lower abdomen.  “Ouch!  Looks to me that the kids want some more attention,” she said while moving one of her hands to the throbbing area.  “One of them seems to be kicking me hard in the liver while the other is trying to beat on our hands.  Just like daddy.”

She saw her young husband looking up at her with a loving expression as she saw him leaning towards her face.  The dark haired female smiled as she received a tender kiss on her lips.  Just as she was about to deepen the kiss and make the moment last longer, Sheena stopped herself as she felt one of the twins giving her another strong kick.

“These runts can sure ruin the moment for us, don’t they?” the summoner spoke as she turned her eyes towards her bulging middle which seem to bubble with movement before sounding a bit mischievous.  “And just when things were getting interesting too.”

“Uh, I think that we’d better get moving if we’re to meet Colette on time, Sheena,” she heard Lloyd say as she saw his face turning a bit red.  The young woman saw him turn his attention back towards her round belly as he reluctantly moved away after giving a gentle pat on it.  “I’m sure that she would be pretty excited in feeling these little guys move for the first time.  What do you think, Sheena?”

“Knowing Colette, she would see this like she would a mother dog that’s going to have its newborn puppies,” Sheena replied with a giggle as she got her hands off her bulge and took the hand of her husband as they both walked out of their bedroom.  “I could only imagine the look on her face for when she feels these rascals moving.  She could be such a sweet happy little kid sometimes despite being eighteen years old.  And I wouldn’t want her any other way.”

The young married couple chuckled at the image of Colette hopping and beaming at feeling Sheena’s belly like a cute and happy little girl.  As she and her husband started to leave the bedroom towards the exit, the summoner thought to herself while placing a hand on her still protruding belly, “Come on, my little baby angels.  Mommy, daddy, and all their friends are waiting to meet you.” 


A/N: Here is another work that I’ve finished a long while ago.  I had to edit it a bit to be sure everything’s perfect so I hoped that you all enjoy it.  Thank you.

Maurice A. Nigma



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