Sweet Melody

Genre: Romance/Songfic/Humor

Summary: Lloyd is looking for his companion one night after a nap, and he soon discovers something about Sheena that not only changes what he thinks on her but the way she feels.

Disclaimer: The characters used in this story belong to NAMCO Bandai. The only thing that I own is this written story and the idea is based off a little bit of SKYWOLF666‘s work Sheloyd 50 sentence fanfiction “Little Captured Moments.” I’ve got her permission to use material from that fanfiction so she deserves it(And I really do mean it). Not only that, but the song and original lyrics came from the game of Parappa the Rappa 2 and the writer of the song is Masaya Matsuura.  Again I only wrote this story and NOT the materials used in this fanfiction.  Thank you and enjoy.

Sweet Melody

Lloyd still felt a little groggy after waking from his slumber.  It was pass dusk and already the stars enveloped the skies.  It would have been a very beautiful sight if the swordsman was not looking for his traveling companion.  From what he could remember, the young man was exhausted from carrying around too much of their supplies and the ninja volunteered to get things ready for them to camp out for the night.  Hours later, he awoke to find that the beautiful female was no where in sight.

So here he was going through the under bushes of the woods in search for his companion while concerned over her well being.  That was when he heard a very soothing female voice coming from somewhere around the area.  Whoever the woman was, her voice cooed in the air while carrying a gentle tone within it.  It was then that Lloyd heard the singer’s voice echo her words while catching his full attention.


It was cold that night,

When you came into my troublesome life.

And it seemed as though

everything’s gonna be alright, for the moment.


Since then here and there,

My life’s become like a roller coaster ride.

Up and down, ’round and ’round,

Bad times and good times were on hand.

We tried to live up to our feelings.


This caused the red clad swordsman to double up in his pace as he was closer to the source of the song.  He heard the voice coo more right as he was able to reach the place which was in the middle of the lake.  The moon reflected on the water’s surface for good effect as the song continued.  The person that sung the tune was someone that the brunette had least expected this from.

Who he saw was his traveling companion Sheena looking up at the bright full moon while perched on a huge rock as she sung her song.  The light of the moon added to the atmosphere as he continued to listen to her song.


But then soon, we overcame them all,

one by one, side by side we gave each other,

Love that’s real, an everlasting one,

real love.

We’ve come a, come a long way.


After dark, you were sweet.

So emotional, holding me in your warm arms.

But the very next day, you were gone.

Didn’t care how I felt, I couldn’t act the way I wanted.


Lloyd was moved by the words the summoner sung.  He was simply too amazed at Sheena’s performance as she cooed into the night skies.  The fact that the young man had not heard her sing before also added to his amazement.

If he did not know any better, he could have sworn that song was meant for someone very close to her.  The fact that she had poured her entire heart into the words of the melody could only mean that she had intended to sing it to the person in question.  Of course he just listened on as the song continued.


But then soon, we overcame them all,

one by one, side by side we gave each other,

Love that’s real, an everlasting one,

real love.

We’ve come a, come a long way.


You and me together.

Even though we have fights, we still are one.

Love that’s real, a lasting one,

real love.

We’ve come a, come a long way.


Right as he listened to Sheena finish the last verse, it would seem that to him that the ninja thought that she was all alone.  He made sure to walk carefully so as to not to get noticed or disturb the summoner’s song.  Lloyd could only listen more right as she finished the last words to her song.


It was cold that night

When you came into my troublesome life.

Everything’s alright,

Now that we have each other,

Together and forever.


With those beautiful words done, Lloyd smiled right as he carefully moved towards his companion from behind and spoke, “That was pretty good, Sheena.  Where did you learn to sing like that?”

His actions caused the ninja to jump from her perch and turn towards his direction while getting her Seal Cards from out of the top of her ninja kimono.  The twin swordsman ducked and prepared himself for the pain of Sheena’s attack.  Of course the impact never came right when Lloyd looked to see the summoner with a pink blush on her face before she spoke.

“Wh-What?  I-Is this the first t-time that you’ve heard a girl singing before?”

“W-Well…” Lloyd thought for a moment, carefully choosing his next words before continuing, “…i-it’s just that it’s pretty rare for someone like you to be singing, Sheena.  J-Just where did you learn that song from?”

The red clad young man could see the blush on Sheena’s cheeks growing as she began to speak in a flustered tone while putting her Seal Cards away, “W-Well, if you must know, i-it’s something that I’ve heard in one of Meltokio’s bars a while back.  The words the songstress sang really got to me so I’ve been practicing.  Of course I’ve been doing it in secret seeing that I don’t want anyone knowing about it.  Especially a certain red haired idiotic Chosen.”

The young man could only chuckle heartily as he saw Sheena give out a rather childish blush as he began to ask, “S-So who were you singing for, Sheena?”

He saw the ninja jump at the question, clearly caught off guard, “E-Excuse me?”

“W-Well, from the way that you sang, it would seem to me that you were singing your heart out to someone.  Can you tell me who it is?”

The red clad swordsman could only wait as he saw the ninja give out an even more flustered shade of red on her cheeks right as she playfully answered, “Heh heh heh.  Well….”

“What is it, Sheena?  Is something the….Mmmph!?”

It was all that Lloyd could say right as he felt his lips being smothered by something soft and tender.  What was most shocking was the fact that the cause of the sensation was his ninja companion who seemed rather content at having her arms around his neck.  The only way that Lloyd could respond to the new sensation was to wrap his own arms around Sheena’s waist and return the kiss with equal passion.

A/N: Hey sorry for taking long time for this time.  But it’s been hard for me to get some new updates.  Anyways this is one work that I like.  I hoped that you all like it.  Enjoy.

Maurice A. Nigma


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