Death From Potato Salid

Genre: Humor/Friendship

Sheena couldn’t help but grin as Lloyd raised his food-laden fork to his mouth in martyr-like fashion, and she whispered so Raine wouldn’t hear her, “I can’t believe we’re going to die from potato salad.” – 5. Potatoes

“I hope all of you are ready to try this recipe that I’ve concocted for tonight’s meal.”

Both Sheena and Lloyd could only quiver a bit in horror right as they along with Genis saw Raine carrying a bowl of potato salad to the table…or anything that resembled food anyway.

“S-Sis, are you sure that y-you’ve been practicing with this?  I-I mean, last month you’ve made mashed potatoes with fried salmon and we all ended up with stomachaches for an entire week.”


“OW!” Genis exclaimed while rubbing the lump over his head made by his older sister.

“I would appreciate that you not make one of your smart aleck remarks on my cooking, Genis,” Raine glared at her younger brother right as she turned to both the swordsman and summoner present, “would any of you like to try it?”

Both were shaking on the inside as they both stared at the female half elf’s concoction.  Neither could tell if it was actually safe to eat or if the food itself is moving somewhat.  They were both silent at that moment until Lloyd spoke.

“So uh, ladies first?”

“Ladies first?!  Oh now that’s really compassionate of you, Lloyd,” Sheena replied sarcastically.

Lloyd shivered at the ninja’s words as well as the glare she was giving him, “Uh, well, you did say that I should be more polite in cases of manners, Sheena.  So why don’t you go ahead and try it?”

“Excuse me?!   Since when did you care so much about chivalry, Lloyd?!  If you’re going to be so polite about it, why don’t you try it out for me in case it causes indigestion?”

Those words got Lloyd to reply in a rather annoyed tone, “Well pardon me for wanting to be polite every once in a while, Sheena!  Would you have rather I have suffered a stomachache as a slob?!”

“As a manner of fact, yes I would, Lloyd Irving!  Better than me getting stuck with a bad case of indigestion!”

As the couple’s argument began to roar into a fight, it suddenly ceased by the sound of Raine’s fist slamming itself onto the table with a loud bang.  “Excuse me, you two!!  If you both are just going to argue all day like children, then perhaps I should just take this away and throw it out!”

“Oh Thank Martel!  She heard my prayers!”



“Hmph!  That headache’s for your smart mouth, Genis,” Raine huffed as she took the food away from the table with her young brother cautiously and painfully following behind.

Both Sheena and Lloyd stopped their argument for when they witnessed the Sage siblings leaving.  The couple then smiled to one another right as they spoke in hushed tones.

“Whew!  That was a close one.”

“Got that right, Lloyd.  To think, we almost could’ve died from eating Raine’s potato salad.”


A/N: This work is another one based on the fanfiction prompts made by my friend SKYWOLF666.  I really would recommend reading her pieces online.  Look for her name and you will all find her.  Thanks for reading.

Maurice A. Nigma


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