Sensual Beauty

Disclaimer: The characters used within this story are from NAMCO and do not belong to me.  I only own this story for I love to write and post them for fun and for people to enjoy.  Thank you and enjoy.

Sensual Beauty

It was just another night for both Lloyd and Sheena. A bright full moon shone on the night skies and the evening breeze blew all across the travelers’ campsite. The moon’s light added to the peaceful atmosphere as the young swordsman finished with making the fire.

“Whew! There we go! The fire’s all lit up and ready to use. Now all that’s left are the fish Sheena’s going to catch near the river. Man, I sure hope that she gets back with them soon. I’m getting really hungry.”

Right as Lloyd thought he was going to faint from starvation, he heard a rustling from the bushes along with a female voice, “Hey, Lloyd! I just got back from the river and managed to get a really good haul! Good thing too seeing that I know how much you could eat.”

The brunette male turned to give the female a retort, his eyes were soon welcomed to such a sight. There was Sheena looking rather wet from her fishing trip while carrying a huge haul of her catch. The female shinboi’s clothing have been soaked and her pants sleeves rolled up near to her knees as her legs and feet are laid bare. If Zelos were present, he would no doubt suffer a serious headache from the summoner after giving his usually lude comments about her soaked figure. But what caught Lloyd’s attention the most was the female’s ebony hair, which was normally kept in its bun, now undone flowing down pass her shoulders.

To say that the young man was stunned would be an understatement, “Sh-Sh-Sheena y-you’re really s-so…so…!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I tell you that those things could really put up a good fight in the water. Almost made me lose my footing and got me a bit wet from their…” it was all that she said right as she looked to his direction, “Lloyd, close your mouth. You’re starting to look like that drooling idiot, Zelos. Now stop gawking at me and get dinner ready while I go dry up.”

Lloyd complied with a nod as he saw the summoner carefully hung her catch above the branch of a tree and got a towel to dry herself. The young man stared at Sheena for a full minute before turning to the task at hand. Only one thought crossed through his mind as he took another look at the female Mizuhoain ninja:

“Wh-Whoa! Zelos is right. Sheena really does look sexy with her hair down like that.”

A/N: I hope that you all enjoy this piece from my Sheena and Lloyd pairing collection for I enjoyed posting for all to see.  Check out my other works when you have the chance.  Hope to hear from you all.  Laters!

Maurice A.Nigma


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