Race to the Finish Line

Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia and its character all belong to Namco Tales. The only thing I own is this story and I hoped that you enjoy it.  Thank you

Speed – Flopping hard into the unforgiving ground, Lloyd looked up to see Sheena’s triumphant smile; that would be the last time he ever tried racing her again. 

Race to the Finish Line


“Hey!  Come on, Sheena!  No fair!  You’re way ahead of me!”

“Hey it’s a race, Lloyd!  Not my fault that you haven’t been trained for speed like I have!”

The brunette could only continue onward as he keeps pushing himself to catch up with his female companion.  Both he and the ninja continued to sprint forward as they ran towards the end of the forest path.  Lloyd was determined to beat Sheena on this contest but his body wasn’t built for speed and agility as the young female’s.

“Mustn’t give up!  Just push a little more and I could catch up!  No way I’m going to lose this one!”

That was all that Lloyd could think of right as he pushed himself more to catch up to the summoner.  However right as he was about to even reach Sheena, he saw her stopping as she leapt playfully like a child.  The dual swordsman collapsed on his back in exhaustion as he saw Sheena looking down on him with childish smile on her features.

“Heh, nice try, Lloyd.  Do you really think that you could beat me by just running hard like that?  Better luck next time.  Heh, heh, heh.”

Lloyd could only moan in response to the female shinobi’s words as he took deep breaths to get air back to his lungs.  His legs sore from the exercise they endured.  Only one thing went through the red clothed teen’s mind, “Ugh, this is the very last time that I challenge Sheena to a race.  Especially when it involves a bet with buying her something in the next town.  Sheesh!”


A/N: Hey here’s another work from yours truly.  I know that it’s short but I’ve been having a rough start this week.  Hoping someone would leave a comment for me to look at to cheer me up.  Thank you and good day.

Maurice A. Nigma


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