A Day at the Beach

Disclaimer: Again the characters used within this story are from NAMCO Tales and do not belong to me.  Only this story belongs to me.  Thank you for understanding.

A Day at the Beach

In the past, Lloyd questioned to himself why females would try to make themselves feel good by wearing all sorts of clothing and makeup. In the case of his female traveling companion, the brunette could not have been more perplexed in his life.

It all began for when he and Sheena finished with their latest venture. Exhausted after an entire day’s worth of no Exspheres in sight, the swordsman suggested that the two of them take a small break. They were both fortunate to be near the area of Altamira when they arrived to investigate. Of course, it was also a very hot day and Sheena suggested that they cool off at the beach. Lloyd figured that a day of fun would be good for the two of them.

So there he was knee deep in water while wearing his usual swim wear. One that consisted of blue swim shorts, simple flippers along with swim gear, and a pair of wooden swords he carries for practice. The brunette was simply admiring the scenery of the beach and ocean when he heard a familiar female voice speaking from behind.

“Heh! This view’s so beautiful! A perfect day to go swimming, don’t you think, Lloyd?”

The young man turned to the ninja’s direction and was stunned at the sight. The swim wear that Sheena sported was, to say the least, a bit revealing. Her red swimsuit exposed skin on both sides of her body as well as a good portion of her well endowed chest and flat stomach. The female’s swimsuit hugged the curves of her body like it was a second skin. Though Lloyd noticed a pair of sunglasses and a breathing tool, it could not take his attention away from Sheena’s enticing figure. To say that Lloyd was stunned at such beauty would be an understatement, especially when she waved a hand in front of his face.

“Uh, Lloyd? Hello! Are you in there? If you’re home then close your mouth. You’re starting to look like a goober.”

The Eternal Swordsman flustered as he turned away from the attractive female. He could have sworn that he heard giggling coming from Sheena as he blushed profusely. Never in his entire life had the brunette been so embarrassed for staring at another girl that way.

“Wh-What the hell’s with me?” Lloyd thought to himself. “I’ve seen both Colette and Professor Sage in swimsuits at this beach before, but why is it different with Sheena? Sure Colette’s very adorable and Professor Sage’s attractive that way, but Sheena’s…I don’t know! Why is seeing her like that make me feel like…?”

“Hey, babe! Care to ditch the loser kid and join me for a swim?”

Lloyd snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the voice of a man clearly addressed to his female friend. A dark brown haired man in green swim trunks was seen flirting with Sheena in a manner similar to Zelos. At this, the dual swordsman felt a stab of anger and a bit of jealousy go right through his heart. It was an emotion that the brunette had not felt or experienced in his entire life.

Right as he was about to act on the matter, the Eternal Swordsman was greeted to an unexpected sight. Faster than he could imagine, Lloyd saw Sheena’s slender hand turned to a fist as it collided with the flirt’s face. If it had been Zelos, the brunette would have waved it off as something not out of the ordinary. But in this case, he just was not feeling any sympathy for the unfortunate target. Especially seeing as the female ninja glared at him as she spoke.

“Look, pal! I don’t know who you think you are flirting with me like that, but that’s my date you’ve insulted! Now get out of here before I hit you right where the sun don’t shine!”

At those words the tanned man began to meekly move away from the attractive female as he held his bruised face. Lloyd could only wince a bit in sympathy for what the flirt would have to endure…almost. The brunette could only stutter right when he faced the summoner as he spoke.

“Sh-Sh-Sheena, do you really mean what you said for when you said I’m y-your d-d-date?”

Right as he spoke those words, the dual swordsman felt something soft press against his lips. It was a quick touch but the sensation he felt was warm and it tasted sweet from the balm that she used. Lloyd stood there bedazzled right as he saw the lovely goddess stare at him with almond-shaped eyes as she spoke.

“Lloyd, if you think that I would just fall for some guy’s cheap pickup line, then you’re even more clueless than I thought. The day that I fall for a cheesy line like that would be the day Zelos gets his act together. Besides, I’d rather have the attention of an oblivious swordsman rather than a red haired idiotic pervert. Heh!”

The Eternal Swordsman smiled at his female companion’s words as she winked at him seductively. Then the brunette saw Sheena’s expression turn from gentle and playful to downright scary in less than two seconds. To say that Lloyd felt terrified was an understatement.

“But know this, Lloyd Irving. If I catch you leering at another woman like the way you did with me, you’re going to experience what that flirt would have if he said anything else. Heh! Heh! Heh!”

Lloyd could only shiver in fright at hearing those words from the summoner’s lips. If he learned one thing about Sheena it was that when she makes threats, she would be sure to see them through. Although a bit scared, he felt a sort of satisfaction knowing that he had gotten the heart of a woman who had a very difficult life. Not to mention one that could throw a mean left hook.

A/N: I hope that you all enjoy this piece from my Sheena and Lloyd pairing collection for next would be another work.  But of a different pairing for this game that I’ve been experimenting with.  Hope to hear from you all.

Maurice A.Nigma


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