Child’s Heart

Disclaimer: This series of short stories are based on characters and events from the game Tales of Symphonia.  The game in question is property of the people of Namco and no one else.  I can’t stress that enough.  The only thing that I own are these stories and that I only do them for fun and to share with other people to enjoy.  Constructive Criticism is welcome for reviews.  Thank you and enjoy.

Child’s Heart

Lloyd is stunned in silence over what he is staring at this very moment.  It is not the glamorous sky high view of Altamira nor the starry skies that the Ferris Wheel ride offered but rather the company he is riding with.  His female companion being all giddy with delight at looking at the sights while riding from high above is a rare sight to behold.  The fact that she was once a ninja who has a hard time with being social is what caught him off guard the most seeing that the young woman is insecure when being ogled by numerous men.  Especially by a certain red haired Chosen named Zelos.

“This is so beautiful, Lloyd.  Can you believe that Altamira could look this way at night?” he heard the dark haired summoner say as she continued to admire the view.

Feeling a bit brave, the brunette decided to respond, “Well, you seem to be in high spirits today, Sheena.  What brought this on all of a sudden?”

The brunette saw the summoner turning to face him with a faint blush of her cheeks right before speaking in a flustered tone, “H-Hey!  C-Can I help with wanting to admire the view once in a while?  You have a problem with that?”

“Okay!  Okay, Sheena!  Don’t have puppies” Lloyd chuckled right as he saw the dark haired ninja send a playful glare at his direction. “I’m sorry, Sheena.  It’s just that, well, you rarely show this side of you in public.  You always seem to try to avoid other people at any cost.  Even after the Journey of Regeneration, you’re usually just so reserved and never really talk to someone unless you need to.  Now you’ve become this brave person that speaks everything that’s on her mind while trying to lead her village.  And now here we are taking a break from our Expshere journey so that we could have some fun and you’re just so happy just by looking at the sights from up high.  It makes me believe that you’re more of a playful little girl rather than a very pretty one.”

He saw his female friend became even more flustered at his words than before.  Despite feeling the motion from the cart they occupy, Lloyd felt as though they are in a completely different world where time slows to a crawl.  The only thing that seems to exist are only the two of them as they continue with their ride in the Ferris Wheel.  The moment seemed to last for hours when in reality it only lasted for around a few minutes.  Having enough of the silence, the red clothed teen decided to break the ice.

“H-Hey!  I didn’t mean it in a bad way, Sheena.  I-It’s actually nice seeing you like this.  I mean it goes to show that you may have the body of a woman but you’ve got the heart of a kind child.”

Those spoken words caused Sheena’s face to actually match the color of his red clothing.  Lloyd would have laughed at the adorable sight if not for the fact that Sheena could easily deliver a strong punch to him like she would to a certain perverted red head.  Moments later the ride shook a bit but stopped as a sign for the two of them to leave.  The awkward couple left the cart without saying a word to the vender or to each other.  A few minutes into walking on the road, the swordsman and his summoner friend continued their silence as they made their way through the game corners.  At that moment, Lloyd felt that he should apologize for creating such an awkward moment back on the high ride.  Just as he was about to speak, Sheena beat him to it.

“H-Hey, Lloyd?  A-About what you said about me before back at the Ferris Wheel…th-th-thank you.”

Stunned by her words, Lloyd was about to ask his female friend the meaning of her words for when she did something unexpected.  Before he could even react, the dual swordsman felt the arms of the young woman wrap themselves around his neck as she planted a kiss on his cheek.  The young man felt his entire face warm up right as he felt the ninja moving away from him in joy.  He composed himself just in time to catch a quick glance of his female friend’s smiling with a flustered expression as she skip happily to the nearest booth.  The swordsman touched his own cheek flabbergasted as he heard her squeal joyfully as she turned to speak to him.

“Ohh!  Look, Lloyd!  They’ve got this cute little fox plushie on that game stand over there!  I’m going to try to win it and there’s nothing that you could say that would change my mind!”

Lloyd could only smile and nod at her words as he saw the determined female going to the game’s vender to ask for a chance to play the game.

“Heh.  On the outside she’s a tough beautiful woman, but underneath it all is the heart of a happy and playful little child,” is what went through the young man’s mind as he walk towards the game booth chuckling at the summoner joyfully enjoying her game to get her plush toy.


A/N: First of many short stories that I’ve finally had the guts to put up.  Anyway, I would like to thank those who have helped with supporting me in writing fics like these and I hope to count on them in the future as well.  I would like to extend my thanks to NUTCASE71733, GANTZ GUN, and SKYWOLF666 of for their support.  Later and have a good day! 


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