Fateful Proposal: Sheena

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned and used within this work do not belong to me but to NAMCO.  I only own and write this story for fun and for everyone else to enjoy.

Note: This is my first time writing drama so please be honest with me about it if I did something wrong or if I had not done something correctly.

Anyways, I was sorta inspired to do this by a very very old ToS fic that I’ve read a long while back and it involves Sheena and Lloyd having a son together but have difficulties with one another during an adventure together while dealing with their own troubles.  Tales of a Journey I think it was called.

With that said and done, ENJOY!

Fateful Proposal: Sheena

It was a good summer afternoon at the hidden ninja village Mizuho and in her bedroom, Sheena Fujibayashi felt very anxious as she stared at the body length mirror.  She could only stare at her reflection carefully eyeing every detail of her womanly figure.  Her eyes then lowered to her midsection where she saw a bulge form.  The young woman moved her hand onto her stomach as she felt around the bulge in wonder as well as anxiety.

“Oh Martel…I can’t believe this is happening to me.  Me, becoming a mother at my age.  Ugh!  Why does this have to happen to me now?”

The young ninja’s mind began to flash back into a memory where everything started going downhill.  To the time where she visited Meltokio’s doctor for a check up when she started to feel sick a few weeks earlier.  It was a visit that had changed her very life and probably Lloyd’s as well.


Sheena could only shiver with anticipation as she sat onto the examination table waiting for the doctor to come back with her test results.  She had been feeling off for the past couple of days and began to feel sick in the mornings on more than several occasions.  It was at that point that Lloyd, her traveling companion as well as newly discovered love, suggested that she go to a doctor at Meltokio to see the cause of her sudden illness.   

Moments later her physician, a red haired female in her mid thirties, came into the room, and Sheena tensed a bit.  She could feel her doctor bore at her with a serious expression that matched Raine’s during their past adventures on the Journey.  The same look that the half elven professor would give whenever she got suspicious about someone hiding a secret.

The female ninja grew worried about the older female’s response while the doctor began to speak, “Miss, I’m back with your results and I must say that everything with you appears fine.  But there is one thing: have you had any intimate intercourse with anyone as of late?”

The question clearly caught Sheena off guard as well as made her fluster with embarrassment, “H-Huh!? Wh-What does that have to do with anything, Miss?!”

The older woman sighed as she sat and looked to her as she continued with her analysis, “Well, from what I could read from the results, I’ve indicated the reason why you’ve been feeling sick and drained these past couple of days, Miss Fujibayashi.”

“Well, don’t keep me in suspense, Miss.  Please tell me so that I can know what to do to treat myself so that I can continue my travels with my boyfriend and…” 

“You’re pregnant, Miss Fujibayashi.” 

With those words coming from the doctor, Sheena froze as she felt the impact of what she heard just as she found her voice. 

“Wh-What ma’am?” 

The red haired woman could only shake her head as she answered, “I said that you’re pregnant, miss.  All of the symptoms that you described to me as well as the latest test results also point to that conclusion.” 

The dark haired female froze still as she tried to digest the news given to her.  At first she thought that she must had misheard or misunderstood her doctor’s words.  But the serious look on the older woman’s face said otherwise.   

“A-Are you sure on this m-ma’am?  I mean, it could be a mistake…” it was all that Sheena could stutter out hoping it was her imagination before the doctor responded with a sigh. 

“There was no mistake about it, miss.  Believe me, I’ve done the tests twice and both proved to be positive.” 

The summoner could only stare off into space as her mind tried to accept what she had just heard.  The concept of finding out that she was going to be a mother at a young age was hard enough.  But the one thought that caused her to be so overwhelmed was the reaction from the father of her coming child.  She was so upset at the thoughts that she did not hear her physician speaking to her. 

“Miss?  If you don’t mind me asking, do you happen to know who the father is and when you both…?” 

That was all that Sheena could hear from the doctor as she quickly got herself up and out through the door without listening to more on what the older female had to say. 


It had been around three weeks and since then she kept her unexpected pregnancy a secret from everyone she knew, even from Lloyd.  During that time, she managed to treat and hide her fatigue and morning sickness as they persisted.  However, as time passed, it grew difficult to hide it as her belly began to bulge and show, which was strange given that she’s only almost a month along.  The ninja had to buy clothing that were loose but not too revealing to give away her secret.  But she was more worried about the father of her unborn child and how she could approach the situation.

“And how do I tell Lloyd?  ‘Hey, Lloyd!  Guess what?  You’re going to be a father in about eight months.’ Ugh!  This is a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into.”

As Sheena pondered about her situation, another thought suddenly occurred in her mind that caused her to panic a bit.

“Oh Martel, how would Lloyd react when he finds out I’m pregnant and that it’s his kid I’m carrying?  I mean sure, the guy’s understanding and all but…would he really be happy about it?  I mean, we’re both still young and in the middle of gathering the Exspheres around the world.  For this to come up all of a sudden right as we’re getting so close to one another.  UGH!  I don’t know what to do!”

The dark haired female took her time to think rationally about her love’s reaction to her pregnancy.  Her first thought was that Lloyd would be very surprised about becoming a father given how it came about.  Secondly was how her pregnancy could affect her during their hunt for the Exspheres.  It was natural for her boyfriend to worry given that she would overexert herself that could result in losing the child that they made with their love.

Then another thought came into Sheena’s mind that caused her to panic and worry as she thought to herself.

“What if…what if Lloyd does choose to stay with me?  I mean the big lug’s always trying so hard to take responsibility for everything he’s done and all.  No doubt he would stick by me to make sure that both the baby and I would be healthy and safe.  But the Exspheres…Lloyd really wants to be sure that they’re found and not used to create more victims like his mother had been.  Would he grow to hate me and the baby for keeping him from his mission?  Would….Would Lloyd grow to resent us because we were holding him back?”  These thoughts sent some saddening and remorseful emotions into her heart.

“Lloyd’s such a nice guy.  No…More than nice.  He’s the most caring, responsible, and selfless person that I have ever met…and love,” she spoke to herself quietly as she gently rubbed her stomach unconsciously.  “He would do anything to ensure that the two of us are alright when it comes down to it.  Even if it means that he would spend the rest of his life not accomplishing his own goals and dreams.  I…I can’t allow him to do that.  I’m going to do what it takes to be sure that Lloyd’s not held back…even if it means that he can’t be with me.”

Those words caused a bitter taste to come out of her mouth.  One that she was not too happy with but had to bear with alone.  That was exactly how the summoner’s feeling within her heart given that what she had in mind was going to cost her the man that she loved.  But to her supposedly rational mind, she thought that what she was going to do was the best course of action.

With her mind made up, Sheena looked around her room, found a piece of paper and a pen and began to write on it.  Afterwards, while clothing herself in her usual purple ninja traveling attire save for loosening up on her middle; she rode up on her Rheaird towards her love’s home.


Moments later after a smooth trip of flying in the skies and landing smoothly, the young female found herself strolling through the forest which surrounded the village of Iselia.  She figured that walking the rest of the way through the woods was smarter than risk trying to land the flying machine near Lloyd’s home.  Plus she needed the time to think over how she was going to handle the situation when she made it to her destination.

While passing by through Iselia’s busy streets, Sheena saw some of the kids playing around happily pretending to be heroes.  She then saw a boy holding a pair wooden swords in his hands while sporting red attire.  The ninja smiled as she watched the kid tried to use his swords skillfully while following the rest of his friends on their imaginary adventure.  However her attention was immediately brought back to the task at hand.

“I-It’s probably better this way.  I’m sure that Lloyd would be better off not being burdened with raising a kid,” she spoke to herself while holding a letter in her hands.  “He’s really dedicated with wanting to rid the world of the Exspheres.  Heh. I guess that’s one of the many things that I love about the big dumb lug.  Which is why…why I have to leave him.  He’ll be better off without me.”

Those last words left a bitter taste on her mouth as she passed through the path of the Iselian forest.  With every step that she took, Sheena’s anxiousness grew.  Her hand instinctively went towards the bulge of her belly and moved circles all over it in order to soothe her.  It calmed the young woman somewhat as maternal warmth radiated all around her.  The thought that it was her own son or daughter growing within her was an experience unlike any that she ever felt.

“Hmm.  I wonder just what this little one would be like?  Probably going to have a bit of me and Lloyd too…”

The ninja’s thoughts reminded her of her predicament as well as the father of her coming baby.  That also brought back the sad and shameful reality of what she planned to do when she arrived.  Coming out of her depressing thoughts, Sheena found herself right in front of her destination.

The sight of the two story cottage, despite looking rather homely and nice, gave her a sense of foreboding and a bit of dread.  Given that it was the home of the man she planned to abandon, she had a reason to be worried.  “B-But I must do this…for the two of us,” Sheena said while rubbing her belly with one hand while shakily clutching onto a letter in the other.  “I mean, Lloyd’s got no time for a kid right now what with the Exspheres and all.  A-And Colette would probably be a better choice for him than me anyways given that she’s known him longer.  Th-There’s no room for Lloyd’s life for a kid right now.  So I’ll just move away to Mizuho, keep myself away from the others and raise the baby on my own while…”

The summoner was so engrossed in her own musings that she had been caught by surprise for when she heard a familiar male voice speak to her from behind, “Oh, Sheena!  When did you get here?”

The female ninja jumped a bit when she turned to see the bare chested twin swordsman facing her as she answered, “I-I just arrived here, ya big lug!  I had to cross through the forest path and Iselia on foot given that I can’t risk using the Rheaird to land close without crash landing.”

She could see Lloyd gave out a hearty chuckle and that boyish grin that she loved so much as he asked with concern, “So how was your appointment with the doctor, Sheena?  Was there anything serious that she found about your morning sickness?”

The female ninja felt her earlier anxiousness return but managed to keep it concealed from her lover so that he could not notice.  She then answered calmly though a bit hesitant, “Sh-She said that it was only something that I’ve eaten that caused it, Lloyd.  Nothing to worry about save that I have to take it easy for a while.  I-I’ll be fine in no time flat.”

She heard Lloyd gave a long sigh of relief while she herself felt relieved that her fib had convinced him.  It was then that she noticed the young man wearing a shirt that bared most of his body and showed off most of his muscles.  Sweat stains could also be seen on the front of the shirt which suggested that he had been working out before she arrived.

“So I see that you’ve been working out, huh Lloyd?” Sheena asked while trying to shift away from the tension of her dilemma.

“Heh yeah.  That obvious huh?  Well, been training to help clear my mind of some things.  Phew!” the young man said with a smile while wiping his forehead of sweat.

The grin that she saw on his face seemed to possess some power to cause her conflicting emotions to disappear and made her think that all was well in the world.  However the feeling only lasted for a brief moment when Sheena realized that her hand was on her hidden bulge and quickly withdrew it while hiding the letter she held in the other.  She panicked that her soon-to-be former lover would take notice of her actions but heard him speak out with a nervous tone.

“Sh-Sheena, th-there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long while and I want to tell you now before I would live to regret not saying anything sooner.”

The voluptuous summoner caught her breath at what she was going to hear next.  This sent her into a silent panic as her mind collaborated on what Lloyd was going to say to her.

“Maybe he…he thinks that we should split up.  N-Not that I could blame him.  I mean, all I did during our time together was manage to fall into holes with him having to pull me out of them.  Just another burden that should just disappear from his life and…”

The ninja was so engrossed by her thoughts that she almost failed to notice that Lloyd had waved his hand right in front of her face as he spoke with a concerned tone, “Sheena?  Hey Sheena, are you alright?  Earth to Sheena.  Say something.”

Sheena soon shook herself out of her ravine before turning her attention towards the worried red clad man whose concerned face just melts her heart.  It was then that she spoke up though with a bit of hesitation within her voice.

“O-Oh I’m doing alright, Lloyd.  I-I’m just still feeling a bit under the weather from this morning is all.”  The young woman prayed that her love did not take notice of her inner anxiety.

“Whew!  That’s good.  I was really worried that it was something serious considering how sick you were,” Lloyd said with relief before his tone turned quiet and serious.  “Sheena, how long has it been since we’ve been together?  Two years maybe?”

The ninja could only look to her swordsman with a curious expression pondering about his words as she responded with a chuckle, “Heh. Of course, ya handsome dolt.  Two years and three months to be exact.  Heh heh heh.  Martel, has it really has been that long?”

“I know Sheena.  I mean, all those times traveling together while getting the Exspheres, exploring other cities and towns, and meeting all new people,” Lloyd spoke with a loving and thoughtful tone.  “And those times when we were alone together talking, having fun, and even sharing our kisses with one another.  Those are the best times of my life and I’m glad to have you to share them with.”

Sheena could only stay silent as she saw the smile on the young man’s face.  One of the many things that she admired about the twin swordsman was his way with words despite his lack of proper education.  Before she could have the chance to speak, the young woman felt Lloyd taking her hand as he continued.

“Sheena we’ve been through a lot together.  We traveled, ate, slept and fought through everything side by side.  I feel like nothing in the world could break us apart.”

“Yeah, except for one thing, Lloyd,” the summoner thought to herself with a sad tone looking to her hidden bulge as Lloyd continued on.

“Now here we are, together and closer than we’ve ever been,” Lloyd spoke right as he affectionately held Sheena’s hand while looking to her eyes.  “Sheena, I love you more than anyone else that I’ve known in my life.  Even more than what I felt for Colette during the Regeneration Journey.  You’ve become a very special part of my life Sheena and I wish to spend the rest of it with you no matter what gets in our way.  So…”

At those words, the ninja saw her love kneel on one leg and looked to her straight in the eyes with both determination and adoration shone on his eyes.  She then saw him pull out a velvet box from his pants pocket while putting it near her direction.  These actions had caught Sheena off guard but not before she heard the next words from the dual swordsman:

“Sheena Fujibayashi, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

When those words left Lloyd’s mouth, Sheena found herself feeling of both surprised and joyful.  However she also felt remorseful for the plan that she was going to put into action.  The plan that was not only going to break hers but Lloyd’s heart as well as deny her unborn child the chance to see his or her own father.

She could only stand there not just shedding remorseful tears but happily smiled at what just happened.  Sheena felt happy because the one that she loved more than anyone in the world was proposing to her and her only.  But she also felt ashamed and sad for having thought about leaving Lloyd alone on his Exsphere journey while not giving him the chance to know that he was going to be a father.

“I-I couldn’t believe it!  Lloyd wants to marry me!  Me of all women!  He’s even willing to stay with me despite how hard it would be on gathering the Exspheres while together and raising our…Oh Martel!  What was I thinking?!”

Sheena’s thoughts and emotions went wild as she broke down in both sadness and grief.  She was so engrossed into her own sorrow that she had not noticed that her sobs came out rather loudly.  She was not even conscious to know that she collapsed on both of her knees while brawling.  The ninja could barely notice Lloyd looking over her and spoke with worry in his voice.

“Sh-Sheena!  What’s wrong?!  Are you alright?!  Oh man, perhaps I should’ve waited a bit more before asking and…”

“N-No, no, Lloyd, it’s not that.  It’s just that…it’s just that…that…Oh Martel, I’m an idiot!!” It was all that Sheena could say before letting out another loud sob from her mouth.

The summoner could only cry more as she felt Lloyd taking her into his arms while patting her back to comfort her.  She was so overwhelmed that she could only allow herself to be comforted by her love’s strong embrace crying out her sadness.  Moments later when she was calm enough to talk properly, Sheena spoke to Lloyd.

“L-Lloyd, I-I’m sorry.  B-But I just…I just can’t marry you.  I-I don’t deserve all of the love that you gave to me!  I don’t deserve you!”

Sheena could tell from the sound of his voice the swordsman was struck real hard by the answer as he spoke in a shaky tone, “B-But why not Sheena?  W-Was it something th-that I’ve done to make you angry?  I don’t remember doing anything that…”

It was all that Sheena could allow Lloyd to say before she spoke up quickly and anxiously, “N-No!  It’s not that at all Lloyd!  I’m happy…no, I’m really happy that you want to marry me.  It’s just that….It’s just that…well, I’m…”

“What is it?  Please tell me, Sheena.  Let me know what’s bothering you.”

When she heard those words filled with plea and desperation, the ninja knew that she had to tell him less she continued all the drama more than necessary.  So with a pained and fearful tone, Sheena spoke the words that would either hurt or destroy her relationship with Lloyd:

“L-Lloyd, I-I’m pregnant.”

A/N: And there you have it, guys.  This is the first part of my three part story for the Fateful Proposal story.  It was something that I’ve made for a website in 2012 and hoped to get the some honest critiques for it.

Do not worry for I’m planning to put the next part of this story when I can.  I hoped that you all would enjoy it for, as I explained in the note up above, it was inspired by a fanfiction long ago that wasn’t finished titled Tales of a Journey, a Shelloyd fanfiction with no conclusion.  Ask me about it directly if you have any questions or comments on it.  So look forward to the next one for it would be Lloyd’s turn in his own perspective.  Laters!

Maurice A. Nigma

The Great Blue One



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