Fateful Proposal: Lloyd

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned and used within this work do not belong to me but to NAMCO. I only own and write this story for fun and for everyone else to enjoy.

Note: This new chapter’s actually going to be speaking through Lloyd’s own perspective and right before he met up with Sheena before she gives him the big news.  Just so you all know.  I hope that you all enjoy it and forgive me for trying to use Dirk’s accent.  So please forgive me for trying.  Also there would be a final and concluding chapter to this guys and also I would love to hear what you want to see for the ending here.  I’ve got an idea set but I want your opinions of how the ending should be.

Thank you all for understanding and I hope that you enjoy this new part.  Enjoy!

Fateful Proposal: Lloyd

It was the middle of a warm summer afternoon within the forests surrounding Iselia in the continent of Sylvarant.  At the outskirts of the village a few miles away lay a homey cottage nearby a huge gentle running clean stream.  Right around the back of the building and a good distance away, a young man in a dark gray muscle shirt with brunette hair was seen training with two swords in his hands.

For Lloyd Irving, it was something that he used as a source of stress relief.  For the past few weeks he has had a lot to think about.  When those thoughts concern his growing relationship with a certain beautiful ninja summoner, it was no wonder that he had trained hard on the training dummy with his practice swords.

He was so focused that he did not notice a gruff but familiar voice speaking to him from behind, “Oi, Lloyd!  Ya might want to take it easy there, lad.  You’ve been going at it all mornin’.”

Lloyd stopped his movement as he turned to see a stout but rugged man with a full beard and Mohawk who was built for work.  The man was Dirk, a dwarf who was an excellent blacksmith and craftsmen to people all around Sylvarant.  He was also known to be the adopted father of Lloyd.

The young swordsman smiled to the small built man as he spoke with a sigh of relief, “Whew!  Thanks dad.  I was beginning to feel exhausted from all of that training anyways.”

“I can see that, lad.  Ya look as though you’ve got lots on your mind,” the dwarven man said with a smile on his gruff features.

“Yeah, you could say that, Dad,” he said while going over to get a drink of water from a pitcher on the nearby table.  “Wheeew!  Man I must’ve needed it more than I thought for a workout like that.”

“Anyways, how’s it going with you and that fine lass Sheena, Lloyd?  I’d take it that there were no problems between ya two?”

“Of course, Dad.  We’re both doing great,” Lloyd answered while taking a good sip of water while wiping sweat from his brow.  “Though Sheena seemed a bit under the weather these past couple of weeks.  She’s also been kinda avoiding me for some strange reason.  I hope that nothing’s wrong with her.”

“Hmmm. Is that right, my boy?” said the older man with a thoughtful gaze but shrugged it off as he spoke again.  “Well, I’m sure that whatever ails ‘er that she’ll be alright in no time.  After all, she’s as tough as nails from what I’ve seen.  She’s a nice catch you made, Lad.”

The two chuckled a bit at the joke before having a few moments of silence until Dirk asked, “So Lloyd, you thinking about settlin’ down with that fine lass Sheena?”

Those words from his adopted father caused the young man to look at him with a blush on his face as he spoke, “Wh-Wh-What are you talking about, D-Dad?  And what’s with that smile?”

He saw his adopted father’s bearded face smile more at his reaction as he looked down at his feet without facing the dwarf.  While fiddling with something in his pocket, Lloyd heard his father say with a hearty chuckle, “Oh come now, lad.  Don’t play coy with ya old man.  I knew from the moment that I laid eyes on that fine rock in your pocket that you intend to marry that fine lass of yours.”

Sighing in defeat, Lloyd nodded as he took the object from his pocket revealing it to be a small blue velvet box made for holding a ring.  Blushing deep red, he spoke up, “Y-Yeah.  Guess you caught me, dad.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I was thinking that…well, I-I’m thinking that maybe…well, she’s the one. You know…the woman I’d like to spend my life with.”

“Oh?  Is that right, lad?” he heard Dirk ask just as he looked up to see his adopted parent smiling with a victorious grin before speaking again. “Well, I must say that you couldn’t have picked a better girl ta settle down with, Lloyd.  Especially one with the looks that she’s got.”

“D-DAD!” the dual swordsman said with a playful glare to the dwarf’s direction as he calmed down.  “It’s more than just her looks…it’s so much more.  It’s what she’s really like on the inside that I fell in love with.  So much so that I had a hard time coming up with a way on how to propose to Sheena.”

“Oh?  How so, Lad?” Dirk asked with a curious tone as Lloyd answered a bit nervously.

“Well, I was talking to Regal at his company in Altamira bit a while ago…”


Lloyd was at the top of the main office building belonging to Duke Regal Bryant that was located at the beach resort city of Altamira.  The place was like a quiet garden paradise of sorts filled with all sorts of flowers, exotic plants and water flowing from the fountain statues.  At the middle lay as single tombstone where the Duke himself was quietly standing right in front of it as if in silent prayer. 

The young swordsman felt a bit awkward as he looked to the older man’s back as he spoke, “Oh sorry, Regal.  I didn’t know that you were busy praying to Alicia.  Perhaps I should come back another time.” 

Right as he was about to leave, Lloyd heard the cyan haired man spoke up with a kind and gentle tone, “No it’s alright, Lloyd.  After all, friends are there to support one another in times of need.  And judging from the tone of your voice, you are in need of my assistance.” 

The red clad young man could only rub the back of his head with a nervous chuckle as he spoke, “I-Is it really that obvious?” 

“I wouldn’t think otherwise given your stutter, Lloyd,” Regal responded with a gentle smile as he turned towards Lloyd’s direction and has a curious expression. “But I also noticed that Sheena’s not with you today.  Did something happen between you two?”

“N-No, Regal.  The both of us are doing just fine,” Lloyd quickly answered trying to stay compose before speaking again. “Well, mostly fine anyways.  Sheena said that she’d been feeling a bit under the weather in the past few mornings but also said that it could be nothing.  But I’ve told her to see the doctor at Meltokio just to be sure.” 

“Hmm.  Is that right, Lloyd?” the noble said pondering a bit on what he heard before giving out an amused chuckle. “Well, I’m sure that whatever Sheena’s coming down with that she would be alright.  In any case, what is it that you need of me, Lloyd?”

Those words got the brunette’s attention back to the matter at hand as he spoke, “W-Well, Regal, I’m actually in need of some advice.  See I’ve been traveling around with Sheena for almost two years now and I’ve been thinking…well, I’ve been thinking that maybe she’s the one I would love to spend all of my life with.”   

“Oh and care to enlighten me as to why, Lloyd?” Lloyd heard Regal ask curiously and calmly.  

“Well, I’ve actually been thinking back on our past adventures.  You know, those from both the Regeneration and our Exsphere hunting journey,” the swordsman said looking to his older friend with a confident smile.  “All the times we’ve both spent with one another sharing in the sights, experiencing new things, and just being together, it’s all wonderful and I don’t want it to end.  I just can’t imagine my life without her.” 

After he finished speaking, Lloyd looked to the older man expecting to hear some wise advice from him.  However, he was caught off guard for when Regal spoke gently but firmly, “Lloyd my only advice for you is this: Go for it.”  

Those words have caused the young man to look at his older companion with a surprised expression before he heard him speak again while looking over the tombstone. 

“Lloyd, in life you can find only very few people who are able to understand and love you as you are.  In your case, Sheena does not see a naive boy with low level of intelligence and upbringing.  Who she sees is a mature young man fully dedicated to his own ideals and tries his best to find another solution to the hard problems in life.” 

He heard the Duke pause for a moment before Regal continued on while facing Lloyd’s direction with a serious look, “I’ll be perfectly honest with you, Lloyd.  When I first met Alicia, I never thought that she would become the one who would be so precious to me.  As we both got to know one another, I’ve never felt so complete in my whole life.  At one point, I considered to propose to her just like how you are going to do with Sheena.  But then, she was taken by Vharley and I…” 

It was all that the young man could hear from Regal before the older man turned silent.  Lloyd knew better than to further the topic considering the events that transpired around the older man’s circumstance around his late beloved Alicia.  Especially given that it not only deeply hurt the cyan man but also Presea, the older sister of the Duke’s late lover.  The two had grown closer since then and worked together to help mend the regenerated world as well as fix the damaged towns and cities of Sylvarant a while back.   

After giving Regal a moment to compose himself, Lloyd spoke up in a determined tone, “H-Hey you don’t have to tell me, Regal.  But I know what you mean.  I’m not going to allow Sheena to deal with any problems that she would come across by herself.  I’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy no matter what.” 

“Even if it would mean giving up the search for the Exspheres in the process?” Regal asked firmly but it was more of a statement than a question to Lloyd. 

“Honestly, the Exspheres shouldn’t be around this world so that they won’t be used to cause any more pain and suffering to people,” the young man answered seriously before taking a moment to pause and think before continuing. “But Sheena, she’s one of a kind and someone who I know that I can’t live without.  I mean, how can I manage to destroy all of the Exspheres in the world while I can’t even take care of the one that I love?  She’s…She’s more important to me than anything in the world and I’m not going to let her suffer through anymore hardship all by herself.” 

Lloyd watched as Regal gave him a very gentle smile as he spoke, “That’s a very good answer from you, Lloyd.  I’m sure that whatever obstacles may come your way, you’ll be able to handle it well.  Just be sure to hold onto Sheena and not allow any harm to come to her.” 

“Don’t worry, Regal.  I’ll be sure of it,” the swordsman responded with a smile to the Duke as they both shook hands and parted as he made his way out of Regal’s private garden reassured that everything would be great.


“Ahh.  So I’d take it that’s what inspire ya to pop the question to Sheena, eh boy?” Dirk said to his adopted son with a inquisitive smirk.

Lloyd nodded as he looked to the old dwarf while pocketing the small box back into his pants pocket as he spoke.  “Yeah but Regal’s not the only person that I’ve talked with, Dad.  I’ve also told Zelos about this and he, for once since I’ve known him, was really serious about it.”

“Oh?  Ya mean that red haired fella prancing around in the pink?” the old dwarf asked, curious about the young man’s mention of the red haired man.

“Yeah, that’s him, Dad,” the young swordsman replied with a chuckle as he shook his head a bit at Zelos’ description.  “Man, let me tell you, dad, when I asked Zelos if I should propose to Sheena, he literally turned into a different person.  But I did managed to get his help with it along with this ring…”


Within the living quarters of Zelos’ luxurious and huge mansion, Lloyd looked to the red head in question as he spoke to him about his growing relationship with Sheena.  When the younger man told his friend of his intentions of proposing to Sheena, Zelos looked to his direction as he spoke but the tone of his voice sounded very stern and serious which was unlike his normal one.   

“Lloyd my bud, just how much do you love, Sheena really?”

Though a bit taken by the uncharacteristic tone, the swordsman spoke up while sounding determined as well as annoyed, “What kind of question is that, Zelos?  I love Sheena more than anyone that I have ever loved or care about in my life!  Even more so than what I feel around Colette during my childhood and our journey.”   

“Oh?  Is that right, Bud?” Zelos asked while still looking to him with his stern and inquisitive look still plastered on his face while giving out a bit of his usual smirk.  “Are you sure that it’s not the voluptuous hunny’s incredible bod and her good looks that you’ve fell for, Lloyd?” 

“O-Of course not, Zelos!” Lloyd responded with a bit of red on his cheeks while glaring at the red head.  “I don’t get why people make it such a big deal with empathizing on how a girl should look like and stuff like that.  Okay sure, during our Exsphere journey, I’ve seen guys hitting on her and I was sorta upset that they would try to go out with her, but I knew that she could handle herself when she’s given that sort of attention from guys.  Especially given all of her past experiences with you.” 

“Hey hey!  Let’s not get off topic here, Bud,” the red head said a bit playfully while at the same time persistent with his serious expression.  “Look, I’ve known Sheena a whole lot longer than you have and know how she is.  She’s not the kind of woman that would want a guy to keep on saving her and…” 

“I know that, Zelos!  And that’s why that I would what it takes to stay by her side,” Lloyd responded cutting into the Chosen’s words while looking him straight in the eyes.  “I’ve seen how she was able to stand up for herself when people gave her a hard time.  But there were some times that she needs someone who she could lean on when she grows tired of doing it herself.  It must’ve been really tough on her to keep up her tough facade all the time.  So I want to be there for her when she falls over and in need of some comfort.”   

There was a moment of silence between the two young men as Zelos continued to keep his serious expression towards Lloyd’s direction.  Moments later, the red head nodded as his normal go lucky grin seem to return like magic as he spoke, “Heh.  Good answer, Lloyd my bud.  Though a bit on the corny side with a side of sugary sweetness, but still good.  Glad to know that Sheena’s in good hands.” 

Lloyd was caught a bit off guard with the sudden change in Zelos’ attitude given how used he was to seeing the red head’s normally flamboyant personality.  He glared at the red haired Chosen as he spoke to him, “Wh-What the hell, Zelos?!  Why the sudden shift  in personality?” 

“Heh.  Sorry for all that, Lloyd but I had to be sure that you would be the one who Sheena would rely on,” Zelos responded though a bit serious but not as much as before.  “Look, Bud, I may like to flirt and look at beautiful women, but even I know what a woman really needs at times.  I know Sheena long enough to know that she does not always need someone to hold her hand.  But somewhere down the road, she would rely on you to help her back up whenever she falls, literal or otherwise.  Glad to know that she’s in good hands.” 

Those words brought a boyish smile of relief to Lloyd’s face as he spoke, “The-That’s actually a nice of you to say, Zelos.  And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take care of Sheena when she needs it.  I’ll help her with whatever problems she would get no matter how bad it may be.  I’ll stick by her no matter what!” 

“Now that’s the spirit there, Bud!” the red head said while getting up from his chair and walked towards the dumbfounded swordsman, “Now that all of the seriousness is outta the way, we can now focus on getting ya prepared to pop the question to Sheena!  And I just happen to know this fine jewelry shop that has the most beautiful rocks in all of Tethe’alla!  Don’t worry about paying for it’ll be my wedding gift from me to you, Bud.  So come on and lets go!”

“Wh-Whoa!  Z-Zelos!  Hold up!  W-Wait!” was all that Lloyd could say right before being dragged off his seat by the red haired Chosen and toward the door to where the nearest jewelry store was.


“Ahh, so that explains on how ya got that fine rock, lad,” he heard Dirk say in understanding before Lloyd nodded holding up the velvet box in his hands.

“Yeah, and the cost that he spent on it was something else too.  I could barely understand how a small gem could cost that much!” the red clad young man said with a nervous chuckle while pocketing the box back into his pocket.  “Though got to say that Zelos was serious about making sure that I’m the right guy for Sheena.  But I’m glad to hear that he cares for her to do so despite having those usual habits around her.”

“Ay, no arguin’ with you there, lad,” the old dwarf said as Lloyd began to get up and clothed himself into his usual red attire while walking towards another direction.  “Oi, Lloyd, ya going to tell ya mom the news?”

The young swordsman knew that his adoptive parent’s words were more of a statement than a question.  Lloyd could only nod at Dirk while he turned to face as he spoke, “Yeah, Dad.  I’m going to tell her the news before I set off to Mizuho to find Sheena.  I’m honestly a bit nervous about going through with it.”

“Well, just be sure to remind yerself of why the lass is lucky to have ya in the first place, lad,” the old dwarf said sagely while beginning to walk off at another direction.  “Well, I’ll let ye be then, Lloyd.  I’ve got some work to do for Phaidra anyways.  Just be sure to let me know how it went when yer done baggin’ yer future wife, okay?”

“Yeah I’ll be sure to let you know.  Well, I’ve got to get going and find Sheena.  I’ll see you later, Dad,” it was all that Lloyd said to his adopted father right as he turned towards his home and to where his mother rested.


Moments later, the young man found himself in front of a grave with the words “Anna” inscribed on the front of it.  Despite being old and surrounded by green moss, the tombstone was still standing beautifully as it was the day it was made.  It was both a nice place for Lloyd to not only reflect but also to speak with his deceased mother whenever he was upset or wanted to talk deeply on what was on his mind.

He then planted a handful of posies onto the bottom of the grave as he looked to the surface and spoke in a somber tone, “Hey mom, it’s good to see you again.  I know it’s been a while given that I was on my journey to collect the Exspheres with Sheena, so I haven’t had the time to visit.  But that’s not why I’m here.  See mom, I’m planning on proposing to Sheena.

“Heh. Yeah, I know that it’s unbelievable hearing this from me but when I think back on everything we’ve both went through, it’s really not too surprising.  I seem to relate to her better than anyone that I’ve known in my life.  I mean, we both grew up not knowing who our real parents are.  Most people look at us as outsiders and sometimes we both feel alone when we’re sad.  Sure we have some little differences but Sheena and I are really much alike.  Sure she’s a klutz but that’s what makes her so special.  She’s also so kind and gentle that it makes me want to take care of her even more.

“Heh, anyways Sheena’s got a pretty big heart and needs someone to bring it out more.  Sure she’s can be tough on the outside but she needs for her gentle side to come out.  And I’m going to be the one to help her do it, mom.  Which is why I’m going to propose to Sheena when I see her and trust me, I thinks she’s going to be surprised and happy by it.

“I know that it’s not going to be easy for us after we get married but I think that we’re going to pull through it all, mom.  Well, that’s all I’ve got to say and I hope that wherever you are now, you’ll be watching over me and Sheena when we get married, Mom.  Wish me luck and see you soon with the good news.”

With those last words, Lloyd smiled to the grave one more time before turning away and walked towards his home to get ready.  Just as he reached the cottage, the young man saw the familiar figure of a young woman standing right at the front.  Her womanly features were unmistakable and her tied up black locks were still as lovely as ever.  Though he could not see her face, Lloyd knew that it was Sheena.  The only woman he would put his life at stake for and one he would love for all time.

“But what’s she doing here?  Shouldn’t she be back at Mizuho after the doctor’s appointment?” the swordsman thought to himself as he looked to the summoner with a confused expression but shook it off.  “Well, probably better this way anyways.  Saves me the time of looking for her and she looks better right now.  So now would be the perfect time for me to do it.  But I’d better do it subtly like Zelos told me to before popping the question.  I don’t want to frighten her off and blow it.” 

Lloyd could only nod reassuringly as he patted the spot on his pants which held the ring for luck before going over to the female summoner.  His thoughts pondered about what Sheena’s reaction to his proposal would be and also pondered if she would take it well.  But as he thought back on all he had had been through in the past few years, his doubts quickly faded from his mind.  The swordsman was certain that both he and his beautiful summoner would be alright no matter what obstacles would come their way.

Little did he realize that Sheena herself has got a surprise of her own that would be just as surprising and change the course of their futures forever.

A/N: And there’s the second part as I promised, everyone.  To be perfectly honest with you all, it was at this point that I almost had trouble getting Lloyd’s character down here but managed to pull through.  I had to rewatch youtube clips regarding both Regal and Dirk in order to get their characters down.  As for Zelos, well, I’m mostly familiar with him and his character and I’m not talking about him JUST being a typical butt monkey.  Just a little bit of his deeper personality without ruining the image that everyone knows and loves him for.

That’s all from me everyone and soon the finale would be up for all to see.  If any of you have question on how I write, then please leave a post or comment here.  No flames are allowed here and they will be reported if found.  Thank you and have a good day

Maurice A. Nigma

The Great Blue One




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