Fateful Proposal: Conclusion

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned and used within this work do not belong to me but to NAMCO. I only own and write this story for fun and for everyone else to enjoy.

Note: I’ve had a hard time writing this chapter due to lack of inspiration.  But now I’m able to thanks to me playing the original Symphonia game.  Not to mention that some materials are borrowed from the games.  But I would mention it at the end of the chapter.  So ENJOY!!

Fateful Proposal: Conclusion

Time stood still for the two of them as the young couple looked at one another.  Lloyd was in a state of shock while Sheena was filled with anxiety.  Silence was shared between the two of them as neither seemed to know what the other was thinking.  But what was certain was that both were confused at what to say to one another given what Sheena said moments ago.  To hear that they were going to be parents was something that would be hard for anyone in their situation.

The young swordsman was the first to compose himself while still trying to digest what he had heard.  It was at that moment that he finally spoke while he stuttered out, “Sh-Sheena?  A-Am I hearing you right?  Y-You’re joking aren’t you?”

Those words from Lloyd’s mouth seemed to have a reaction from the female ninja as she looked to him with both annoyance and anger as she spoke, “O-Of course not, you dolt!  Do you really think I’d be lying about something like THIS!?”

To empathize on her words, Sheena moved one of her hands onto her abdomen and revealed to have a bit of a bulge onto it.  The young man could only stare at his love’s stomach while trying to understand what he was looking at.  His thoughts jumbled about as he took in the sight.

“Oh man.  So it’s really true.  Sheena…pregnant?  This is…unbelievable.  I mean, this is all so much to take in!  Sheena’s going to have a baby and I…”

Lloyd’s thoughts came to a halt as he thought of something that got a frown onto his face.  The moment of Sheena’s refusal to marry him, why she seemed so afraid and hesitate to look at him and how she cried in shame for when he proposed to him played in his mind.  He also took notice of how there was a letter in his love’s hands and hid it before he made his proposal to her.  Lloyd suddenly came to a conclusion that he was not too happy with.

“N-No…she couldn’t have.  She wouldn’t have done…that with someone else.  Would she?” Lloyd’s head spun around these thoughts as he tried to compose himself while also feeling betrayed.

Sheena, meanwhile, saw the facial expression on her love’s face turn into a frown.  It was then that the ninja began to panic as she thought feverishly, “Oh Martel, I know that look on his face.  Lloyd’s mad at me for keeping this baby a secret from him and now he’s thinking of breaking off our relationship!  Not to mention our engagement!  Oh gods, what was I thinking saying no to him like that and…?!”

Sheena was so engrossed in her own thoughts and fears that she almost jumped as she heard Lloyd spoke up.

“S-So you’re pregnant?” Lloyd said in a calm even monotone which also seemed low.  “I’m guessing that that’s the reason why you don’t want to marry me.  Ha ha ha.  It’s because you’re carrying some bastard’s child that you got knocked up with…”

It was all that Sheena could bear to hear as she raised her hand and smacked her beloved with a good hard hit on the face.  Needless to say that it caused the dual swordsman to look at the ninja with a wide eyed expression as well as caused him flinch with shock.  But what got to him the most was with how Sheena glared to him.


At that moment, the pain that flew right on the twin swordsman’s cheek suddenly became something of a dream as those words sunk into him.

“Sh-She’s pregnant and…the baby’s….mine?  It’s mine?”

Lloyd was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost failed to notice a sorrowful expression on Sheena’s face as she spoke while sobbing.

“L-Lloyd, I-I’m sorry for shouting b-but I just have to get it th-through that thick dumb skull of yours that this baby I’m having is yours.  Not that pervert Zelos or some other dumb guy.  It’s your child that I’m carrying a-and…”

It was all that the young female could say to her love right as she was caught off guard by the sudden embrace of Lloyd’s arms around her form.  Sheena could barely speak as she heard him speaking in a hushed yet confused tone, “Why, Sheena?  Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

The shinobi froze at her lover’s actions too stunned to react to his touch.  Even more so for when she heard Lloyd asks the question that she was too afraid to hear from him.  Sheena was so engrossed with how Lloyd would react to her news that she herself never had the time to consider the consequences of her actions.  Or for that matter, think clearly about her reasoning at wanting to leave him in the first place.

“I-I want to leave him because…because…” it was all that she could think to herself right as she spoke up to Lloyd while looking at him.

“I was…I was…scared, Lloyd.  Scared that you m-might not want me or the b-baby.”

Those words got Lloyd’s attention as he loosen his hold on her body and looked into her eyes as he spoke to her with some confusion in his voice, “What are you talking about, Sheena?  Why wouldn’t I want someone as kind and sweet like you?  And why would you think that I wouldn’t want the baby either?”

“I-It’s just that…that I don’t want to hold you back,” Sheena responded to her love while at the same time trying to bite back more tears threatening to gush out.  “I mean, there’s all of the Exspheres in the world to gather and I-I figured that you wouldn’t want to be tied down having so much responsibility what with not only to look after me but the baby as well.  I don’t want anything to be in your way and also figured that you would better off with someone who…”

That was all that the ninja could say before Lloyd suddenly captured her lips with his in a deep loving kiss.  She was caught off guard by the action that most of her fears, doubts, and self doubts faded and she just melted right into Lloyd’s lips.  At that moment, nothing for Sheena and Lloyd existed for them.  It was only the moment that they live for and nothing else.

After what seemed like hours, the couple broke their contact and looked contently at one another’s eyes.  Lloyd looked to his lover kindly while Sheena was still a little red from crying her eyes out.  There was silence between the two of them before the swordsman broke the tension as he spoke.

“Sheena, please don’t say anymore of that nonsense about yourself.  It’s not good for you and the baby,” he said tenderly holding her as well as stroking his fingers through her hair softly.  “Listen, nothing is more important to me than you, Sheena.  I mean, sure I made a vow to rid this world of all the Exspheres in the world but I have someone who’s just as important to me.  And that person’s you.”

The swordsman could only look into his love’s eyes as he moved his hand onto her belly before he continued, “Sheena, I meant every word of what I said for when I proposed to you a moment ago.  You’ve become a very special part of my life and now that I know that you’re going to have a kid…our kid…there’s no way that I’m going to leave you to handle this all by yourself.  Not just because of the baby but because you really need someone who would support you for when need it the most.  And I would love to be that person for you to rely on to help you back up when you’re knocked down.  So with that said…”

Lloyd bent down on one knee again just as he did a while ago as Sheena was again caught off as he spoke up, “…Sheena Fujibayashi, the love of my life and mother of our child, once again, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

It took the young woman only a few moments to register what she heard before tears of joy began to flow down her cheeks.  Before she knew it, Sheena found her arms around her love and sobbed onto his shoulder.  The shinobi had never felt so happy in her entire life.  So much that she felt like that it was all a dream.

Moments later, the swordsman felt his girlfriend look up from his shoulder with a smile as she spoke through a choked up but joyful tone, “O-Oh Lloyd, y-you idiot!  O-Of course I will!”

With those words, the young woman pulled her love’s face towards her own and the two of them shared a long romantic kiss.  A moment passed, the two broke their kiss for air just as Lloyd spoke.

“Heh.  Your kisses always tastes so sweet, Sheenie,” the swordsman smiled as he took Sheena’s hand and gently placed the ring around her ring finger. “There.  A perfect fit.”

“Heh, it looks wonderful, Lloyd,” the ninja said as she carefully looked to the engagement ring, which was very well crafted with beautiful silver metal and etched with a small amethyst gems with a decent sized pink pearl in the middle.  “Did you make this one yourself?  It’s really good work.”

Lloyd blushed with a chuckle as he responded, “Heh heh heh.  Of course, Sheena.  Though it took me a while to gather the necessary materials to make it as well as get it out of the forge from dad’s place.  Not to mention save a lot of Gald for the right gems and metal to use for it too.  The pink pearl’s the hardest to come by given that I’ve searched all of Meltokio for it and it cost me a bit too.  But it was all worth it seeing your smile.”

“Heh.  Well, you made the right choices on this one, Lloydie.  You did good work as always,” Sheena said as she eyed the engagement ring with such adoration as she looked to her fiancé feeling a bit sad.  “Oh Martel, what an idiot I was being a while back.  I was so scared outta my mind about how you’d react that I nearly caused something bad for the two of us by hiding it from you and nearly running away with the baby.  And I…”

“Shhhhh.  Enough of that, Sheena.  It’s okay,” Lloyd interrupted while moving his hands lower towards her bulging belly rubbing it gently.  “You were only scared about it was all.  You’re only human after all.  All of us make mistakes and we just need to learn from them so to be sure not to make the similar ones in the future.  After all, we have to set a good example for the baby after all.”

Sheena could only giggle as her tears finally stopped and she smiled to her love’s face.  She had been frighten and concerned about her future since finding out about her pregnancy.  The ninja was afraid that she would not fit into Lloyd’s life given how much the baby’s going to change their lives.  At the time, she thought that disappearing from his life would allow the dual swordsman at chance to continue his journey while also moving on with someone that would not pin him down.  But that would also mean for her to be alone raising their son or daughter on her own while facing ridicule from her peers in Mizuho.

But that did not matter anymore.  She was not only going to have Lloyd as a husband but the two of them are going to be parents.  At that moment, she never felt so happy in her life.

“Oh Lloyd, I-I don’t what to say ex-except that I’m so h-happy.  I’m going to be married t-to you and we’re both going t-to have a b-baby.  But you know that it’s not going to be easy g-given how we’re both still young and having to find ways to care for the baby.”

“Hey, I know that raising a baby isn’t going to be easy for us, Sheena but I’m sure that we would be able to handle it,” the twin swordsman said holding onto his fiancé more.  “I mean, both of us were orphaned at a young age while being raised by people who were not our birth parents.  But they did what they could to raise us and made us into good people.  Now look at us.  After going through so much, we’re both engaged and going to have a child together too.  As long as we have our friends and family to support and help us, we can make it, Sheena.”

“Heh, you always know what to say you know that, Lloyd?” Sheena said to her fiancé as she leaned upward to kiss him on the lips more.  “Mmmm.  And you know how to sweet talk a girl too.  I hoped that there would be more words and kisses like that while we’re together for the rest of our lives.  Not to mention have room for some ‘special’ fun.  Well, at least when the kids aren’t present.  Heh heh heh.”

Lloyd could only blush at the pretty ninja’s words as she nuzzled him closer to her.  But he could only smile back for not only would he be marrying one of the most beautiful women in Aselia, but one who would be having a little baby.  A baby that the two of them made with their love and going to raise together.

Sheena looked up to Lloyd as she spoke lovingly to him with a smile, “Mmmm.  Lloyd Irving, I love you.”

“Heh, I love you too, Sheena Fujibayashi.  You and our little kid too,” the twin swordsman said happily while move his hands onto her belly affectionately.

The two of them just nestled into one another’s arms as they enjoyed each other’s warmth and company.  At that moment, the two of them felt that their lives are complete and nothing would get in between their future happiness.  There would be some difficulties along the way given but the two of them would not allow anything to deter their love for one another.  In the case of their coming baby, their love would only continue to grow as they help one another to raise their child to have a good life.


A/N: Here you all go, the finale to this long story of mine. It was something that I was really proud to do back in 2012. It was a project inspired by a long fanfiction featuring Sheena and Lloyd that’s been on hiatus for a long while now. I figured I’d do this as an AU take on that fanfiction. I hope that you all enjoyed it for this story’s been a work of mine as well.

That’s all for my favorite pairing on this blog for I’m going to be putting some of my own experimental pairing on this blog. What it could be? I’ll let you all keep guessing until it’s ready. So laters!

Maurice A. Nigma
The Great Blue One


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