Favorite Flavor

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned and used within this work do not belong to me but to NAMCO. I only own and write this story for fun and for everyone else to enjoy. 

Favorite Flavor

“Mmm!  Whoever came up with the idea for this type of food must be a real genius!”

Lloyd could only chuckle as he saw Sheena scarf down another slice of food.  The two of them had just finished with gathering Exspheres around the area near Thoda Geyser.  Though they had found very few of the stones the pair of jewel hunters were fortunate to learn of a ferocious sea monster that threatened the people of the harbor.  It was difficult but thanks to some summoning magic from Sheena, they were able to defeat the beast with minimum damage to the area.  The people there were so grateful to the two heroes that a local cook of a restaurant offered to treat them to one of his newly created dishes.

So here he was along with his female traveling companion in the harbor restaurant with their special meal.  Never in his whole life had the twin sword master tasted food like it.  Sure he had tried foods that he could use with his hands.  But never anything that allows him to put on any topping he wished.  Especially when in terms to a certain female ninja eating who chose pineapple slices on it.

“Mmm!  I’m so glad that we stopped that…Mmm…sea monster a while back, Lloyd,” he heard Sheena saying with a mouthful as she swallowed to speak more properly.  “I mean, this…Mmm…’pizza’ is perhaps the most amazing thing to come out since curry!  The way you could feel the sauce mixing in with the cheese!  Oh, and the choice of topping!  It’s something to die for!”

Lloyd could only nod nervously as he looked at the strange new recipe.  It was not the fact that it contained the sauce of one of his most hated vegetables in the world but rather the fact that Sheena topped it with pineapple slices that stumped him.  That was something that had been on the red clothed teen’s mind since seeing Sheena’s cooking in action.

“Uh, Sheena, can I ask you something?” Lloyd said to the happy female as she nodded for him to continue.  “Well, it’s something that has to do with your choice of topping for that…uh, food.  Why do you choose pineapple for it?  That’s the same ingredient that you’ve used on curry while we’re camping out together, isn’t it?  Sure, it tastes good but it’s kinda weird to be putting on anything but salads if you ask me.”

At those words, Lloyd saw the dark haired ninja becoming flustered as she gulped down whatever food was in her mouth.  He could have sworn that Sheena stuttered as she spoke.1

“W-Well, Lloyd, it’s because th-that pineapple happens to be one of my f-favorite kinds of snacks.  You see, while growing up in Mizuho, grandpa would sometime give me something for dessert after dinner.  The first time I’ve had pineapple, I was a bit skeptical.  But after trying some, it was like one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had.  The way that juices are so sweet and tangy on my tongue was just too good!  I’d figure with that same sensation it would help punch up the flavor in some recipes.  Looks like I was right on the money for when I made that curry at the Temple of Earth.  Remember?”


“Heh!  Who could forget something like that?” Lloyd replied with a laugh as the memory of eating the food made for the short annoying creature.  “I mean, the rude little twerp obviously doesn’t have much of a sense of taste not to mention a strong stomach.  Especially seeing that it ate the Professor’s curry.  I’m surprised that little creep didn’t come up with really good insults for it as he did for yours.”

“H-Hey!  Better my cooking than Raine’s, Lloyd!” he heard the summoner respond with a playful glare.  “And speaking of which, I want to ask you something, Lloyd.  Why don’t you ever like tomatoes?  I mean, it’s the same color as your jacket, for goodness sakes!”

The question from the female ninja had really caught Lloyd off guard.  Sheena was perhaps one of the few people to ever ask him of his disdain for the red fruit.  Lloyd wanted so much to avoid the subject for it was something from his childhood that he does not like to discuss.  But knowing the female, he was sure that she would not let it drop until she got him to speak.  The way the summoner opened up to him about her love for pineapples (and the playful glare that she gave him) meant that she expected him to do the same.

“Ugh.  Alright alright, Sheena!  I’ll tell you only if you stop giving me th-that look!” the twin swordsman said as he saw Sheena changed her expression to that of a mischievous child. “Whew!  You don’t make things easy on anyone talking with you, do you, Sheena?  Ahem!  Now…oh man!  This is so embarrassing!”

The young man could feel his face become warm as he spoke, “W-Well, it all began for when I was really little.  I was with both my mom when she and Kr…I mean, dad stopped to get something to eat.  I was with her at the time while she was cooking.  As she made dinner, I watched her chop up all the vegetables, especially those…ugh, tomatoes.  I can’t believe that…that dirty fruit is the same as my favor color.”

He heard his summoner friend gave out a soft tiny giggle at the last part.  At this Lloyd retorted childishly, “H-Hey!  It’s not funny, Sheena!  I was only a kid for when I ate th-that tomato!”

“Aw!  Well, I thought that it was cute that you would watch your mommy make dinner for you.  Especially if she chose a shiny bright tomato that has your favorite color!  Heheheheh!”

With those words from her mouth, Lloyd saw Sheena nearly toppled over from laughter.  Before he could speak, Lloyd heard Sheena calm herself right as she spoke, “Ahem!  S-Sorry, Lloyd.  It’s just that it’s hard for me to believe that just one tomato would cause you to hate them so much.”

“Hmph!  Well, if you could just let me finish, then it would start to make sense,” the male teen grumbled right as he saw his female friend calm herself so that he may continue.  “Anyway, when I asked mom if I could have a bite of a tomato, she said yes.  I was really excited because I was going to taste the thing with my favorite color on it.  So I took a bite of the tomato and before I knew it, I was spitting and wiping a tangy taste out of my mouth.  It was only later that I learned that…that fruit contained worms!”

Lloyd, at that moment, felt like he could just crawl into a hole and die.  He just told one of his closest (not to mention very attractive) companions his deepest secret from his childhood and feared what her reaction would be.  He expected to see the female to be laughing her head off at what she heard only to see a cringed expression on her face instead.

“Ugh!  You’ve got to be kidding me, Lloyd!  Worms!?” he heard Sheena exclaim while she seemed to try not to gag.  “Man, talk about having bad taste!  That’s perhaps one of the most disguising things that I’ve ever heard of in my entire life!  Ugh! But I guess when compared to Raine’s cooking, it doesn’t sound so bad.  Still, how was it that your mom didn’t bother to check the tomato for worms?”

“Hey!  How was she supposed to know that the tomato had those things in it?!  Anyway, it’s because of those bugs that I hate tomatoes to this day!  Maybe pineapples too seeing that thinking about it now has got me thinking that they’re…!”

That was all the twin sword master could say right as he felt something hot hit his face.  The flavor of cheese, ham, sauce, and a tangy bit of pineapple hit his taste buds.  Wiping the pizza slice off of his face, Lloyd turned to Sheena who he saw playfully glare at him with another slice in her hands.

“Heh.  How’d you like them apples, Lloy-die?” was what he heard Sheena say, her evil glare never faltering.  “Look, I don’t mind that tomatoes aren’t your favorite fruits, but say something bad about pineapples, then I’ll show you what I did to Zelos for that time he compared my chest to a pair of ripe melons!  Heh!”

Lloyd winced at the thought of Sheena delivering her wrath upon him as she would to the poor red haired Chosen.  Recovering from being burned, the brunette felt a drip of the sauce on his tongue.  Normally he would have been disgusted at the taste of the fruit in his mouth.  But when the tangy flavor of Sheena’s favored topping entered his mouth, his disgust soon turned into content.

“Mmm.  Well, I suppose tomatoes can’t be all bad,” Lloyd thought as he continued to taste the mixed flavor while looking at the mischievous ninja with a gentle smile.  “Especially when mixed with the pineapples that Sheena loves so much.”

A/N: Alright I know I said that I’ll be putting up some fanfictions featuring a different pairing but this one I just remembered.  Mostly because it’s one of the most fun fanfiction of the Sheena/Lloyd pairing that I like.  This shows a side of Sheena that is rarely shown in game.  I hope that you all would like reading it as much as I loved to write it.

Maurice A. Nigma

The Great Blue One


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