ToS: For the Future

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Lloyd and Sheena pondered on the events that got them from being scared to becoming a soon-to-be married couple. (Aftermath of the story Fateful Proposal.)

Disclaimer: The following story uses characters from Tales of Symphonia in a different timeline of the game’s aftermath. The game and characters used belong to Namco. The story written is made by me, Maurice A. Nigma who also writes for So please keep in mind that I only do this as a fun hobby and not to make a profit and such. Thank you and enjoy!

For the Future

Both Lloyd and Sheena are enjoying the view of the lake as dusk approaches. They both watch the sky turning dark as stars appear one by one. The two moons bathe the lake with their pale light giving it a mystic quality to it.

It is a very special occasion for the loving couple. The events during the day have been a real eye opener for the two of them with what they gone through. Right now, both swordsman and ninja are enjoying being in one another’s arms as their fingers shone with two silvery rings. Lloyd’s strong gentle hands are on the female’s flat abdomen with a smile on his face.

“I can’t believe that it’s really happening, Sheena. I mean, the two of us are going to become parents…”

“And right when we’re getting engaged too,” Sheena said while moving one of her hands over his to feel the warmth radiating from it. “Boy, it’s been some day for us huh, Lloyd? I mean, both of us just went through our own personal hell today and here we are, engaged and going to have a baby too.”

“I know what you mean, Sheena,” the brunette replied while looking at the summoner’s almond shaped eyes. “I can’t believe that it took me so long to see just how much you mean to me throughout our journey. I know that I’ve promised Da…Kratos that I would destroy every Exsphere there is in this world. But honestly I don’t think that I would be able to find all of them in my lifetime. But the good thing about it is that I get to share that time journeying the world with you, Sheena. These past two years with you have been the greatest time of my life.”

“Heh. Oh Lloyd, you sweet talker,” the dark haired woman said while snuggling closer in Lloyd’s arms. “And to think, that I almost made the worse mistake of my life just because of some unfounded fear about you being chained down by the baby and….”

Sheena’s lips were silenced as Lloyd tightened his hold around her body as he spoke in a soft tone, “Shh. It’s alright, Sheena. Don’t linger onto things like that. You were only scared of the consequences of having a baby as well as thinking of me with collecting the Exspheres.”

“I know, Lloyd, but I was going to hide away from you and our friends in Mizuho while I give birth to and raise the baby. I thought that by avoiding you and everyone else, it would be better on your quest ridding the Exspheres while not thinking about being a father. But when you proposed to me like you did today, I’ve realized that all I would be doing is hurt you by running away from my own fears. I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh. That’s enough, Sheena. It’s okay,” Lloyd said as he sooth his fiancé by patting her back before speaking again. “You don’t have to apologize. I mean, if anything I should be apologizing for getting you pregnant in the first place. Honestly, never did I think that I would become a father this early in my life let alone make love to you, Sheena.”

“Heh, well, you should’ve know that it takes both a man and woman to make a baby, Lloy-die!” the female summoner spoke with a laugh, relaxing at the changing atmosphere.

“N-No fair, Sheena! You enjoyed that night as much as I was back then at the lake!” the dual swordsman laughed right as he looks to the moon with a smile on his features as he became serious. “I’ll be honest with you, Sheena. If you had gone through with that plan of yours, I probably would have been heartbroken. Nah, I probably would have downright feel low and upset while wondering what I would have done to push you away. Not to mention give up on hunting the Exspheres not to mention give up on my promise to Kratos all together.”

“Oh, Martel. Then even if I did choose to run and hide away in Mizuho to raise the baby, it would wound up hurting you,” the female ninja said right as she snuggled closer to Lloyd while trying to push away the past memories. “I should have known that you would be happy that I’m going to be having your kid despite the hardships it’s going to bring not to mention render you unable to complete getting rid of all the Exspheres. I guess that I was just too afraid that you might grow to hate both me and the baby for it.”

“Hey, don’t go thinking like that, Sheena. That’s all in the past now. We have to start focusing on the future as well as what’s going on right now. Like focusing on getting married and planning for the baby.”

The female ninja smiled at her boyfriend’s words right as his face nuzzle into her dark hair right as she spoke, “Heh, figures that you’ll say something like that, Lloyd. I guess that’s what I love about a big lunk head like you despite not having much in the brains department.”

Lloyd gave his love a playful glare right as the two of them began to chuckle at the changing mood. “H-Hey!”

“Heh! Sorry, Lloyd. Just can’t help but tease you like that. You’re just too cute for when you get flustered!”

The red clad swordsman man playfully pout at the ninja’s words as his hands slide to her sides and began to tickle her. Sheena squeaks with laughter at her lover’s “attack” as his fingers continue to explore on her sides. Moments later, their game came to an end right as they stare right back at the beautiful scene before them.

“So Lloyd, what are we going to do now?” the summoner said right as Lloyd’s hands make their way back on her abdomen. “It’s not just the engagement that we should be worrying about but what to do about the Exspheres. I mean, let’s face it. There’s no way that you could take me along with you now that I’m going to be having a baby and any tough fighting that we might run into might cause me to have a miscarriage. The last thing that I’d want is to lose is something that both you and I have made together.”

“Got that right, Sheena. Hm…well, does your grandpa know about it? The baby I mean?”

“No, not yet. That’s another thing. I was just going to tell him that I’ve conceived this child through…impure means with a stranger, but nothing more. I was ready to take whatever consequence would come along with whatever comes with keeping the baby,” Sheena said while frowning at the memory.

This got Lloyd thinking for a few moments right as he spoke with a bright smile, “Well, why don’t we just tell your grandpa the truth about what’s happened, Sheena? I mean, we’re going to get married anyways and it would help put his mind at ease at what’s happened. Plus, it would help with tracking down the Exspheres better with Mizuho’s secret information network. Not to mention help keep you safe while carrying our baby.”

The female ninja smiled at the idea that her love came up with right as she gave him a peck on the cheek, “Why that’s actually a brilliant idea, Lloyd! Of course we have to talk to grandpa about everything we both went through so that he would have a better grasp of the situation. Not to mention the fact that I could now act as the successor to Mizuho and lead my people to a new hidden land in Sylvarant. At least that it’s better than me sitting on my butt doing nothing during my pregnancy.”

“Heh. While it won’t be easy for you, Sheena, I’m sure that you would be a good chief for Mizuho,” Lloyd smiled right as he snuggled against his fiancé’s dark hair to smell her hair.

“Oh Lloyd,” is what Sheena said right as she turned to place a kiss on the Eternal Swordsman’s lips.

The moment seems to last for an eternity as they kiss one another while in the warmth of each other’s arms. Both lovers separate as their need for air overpowered their passion. Lloyd and Sheena smile as they turn their attention back to the sparkling dark lake.

“You know, Sheena, I was thinking about something,” Lloyd spoke as his arms gently wrap themselves around her slender waist. “Well, when the baby’s born, what do you think he or she would be like?”

“Hmm. I don’t really know, Lloyd,” the ninja respond as she snuggle herself within the swordsman’s embrace. “But I do pray that he or she’s going to take after me more in the brains department.”


Sheena gave out a cute giggle right as she and her fiancé glance at the scene in front of them. “I don’t really care if the baby’s going to be a boy or girl, as long as he or she is happy and healthy and that I have Lloyd with me, that’s all that matters,” is what the young woman thought to herself right as another thought came to mind that put a frown on her face. “But oh Martel am I going to have it rough for the coming month! Morning sickness I could handle, but I’m more worried about how my body’s going to change. I just pray that this little runt doesn’t turn out to be twins.”

A/N: Here is another short from my series of Shelloyd fanfiction short stories.  I’m so sorry again for not uploading as I promised you all.   I will also one day post up my new experimental ToS pairing onto this blog when I can.  I so hope to get some written critiques for my stories for I am driven by good comments.  So have a good day and hope to hear from you all soon.

Maurice A. Nigma


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