Tales of Symphonia: Prayers

Here it is for the long delay is over.  My one shot for Sheena as she visits the grave of her late mother in law. Hope that you all enjoy. Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort Summary: Sheena going to pay her respects to her late mother-in-law’s grave. A very deep meeting between mothers of past and present. Disclaimer: […]

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ToS: Becoming a Beautiful Rose

Hey Everyone, this is Maurice A. Nigma and I would like to say that I’ve kept my promise and put up my unusual ToS pairing.  It’s Lloyd and Presea.  I would like to say that constructive criticism would be really appreciated and would help me out everyone.  Thank you and enjoy. Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia […]

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I have something to say!

Hello everyone for I apologize that I have not been putting up more works lately but it’s been hell with life at home.  Mostly family drama given as well as stress.  Anyways I would like to clear something up with all of you. I would like to clear that I’m the same Maurice A. Nigma […]

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ToS: For the Future

Genre: Romance/Drama Summary: Lloyd and Sheena pondered on the events that got them from being scared to becoming a soon-to-be married couple. (Aftermath of the story Fateful Proposal.) Disclaimer: The following story uses characters from Tales of Symphonia in a different timeline of the game’s aftermath. The game and characters used belong to Namco. The […]

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Special Supper

Genre: Humor/Family Summary: Just a regular day for a pregnant Sheena right as she makes a special dinner for herself as well as Lloyd. Disclaimer: The characters used in this story belong to NAMCO Bandai. The only thing that I own is this written story that came from fanfiction.net and the idea is based off […]

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Favorite Flavor

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned and used within this work do not belong to me but to NAMCO. I only own and write this story for fun and for everyone else to enjoy.  Favorite Flavor “Mmm!  Whoever came up with the idea for this type of food must be a real genius!” Lloyd could only chuckle […]

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